Bridging the Gap with Music: The Fusion of Chinese and American Culture in Mando-Pop

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mando-pop, china, chinese music, pop music, cultural fusion, jackson wang, zhang yixing, lay


Chinese pop music, known as Mando-pop, has become popular in not only China and other Asian countries but has also made headway in the Western hemisphere as well. Jackson Wang and Zhang Yixing (also known as LAY) are examples of Chinese artists who have not only honored their heritage with their music but have also managed to become successful in other countries in both the East and the West as well. By combining different musical styles like rap, hip-hop, pop, R&B with traditional Chinese instruments such as the zither, gourd flute, and traditional percussion, these artists have merged the East and the West together. The artists have not only used auditory elements but also visual representations of Chinese culture through their music videos. The goal of this discussion is to explore the emergence of Chinese artists and the genre of Mando-pop in the U.S. as mainstream music, as well as how artists such as Jackson Wang and Zhang Yixing came to this success. This discussion will also identify the elements of Chinese culture present in their music and music videos, culminating in the final production of my own Mando-pop song implementing their musical styles.

中国流行音乐,被称为Mando-pop,不但在中国和其他亚洲国家,而且在西半球也流行。王嘉尔和张艺兴(也被称为 LAY)是中国艺术家的例子,他们不但用他们的音乐来尊重他们的文化传统,而且在其他东国家和西国家也取得了成功。 通过使用不同的音乐风格,比如说说唱、嘻哈、流行、R&B、跟中国传统乐器,比如古筝、葫芦笛、 传统打击乐器,这个中国艺术家将东西方融合在一起。这艺术家不但用听觉的元素而且用中国文化的看觉的表现在音乐电影。 这讨论的目标是学习中国艺术家的出现和Mando-pop genre在美国成为主流音乐,也学习怎么艺术家,比如说王嘉尔和张艺兴,找到了他们的成功。这讨论会在他们的音乐和音乐电影识别中国文化元素,结果是我自己的 Mando-pop 歌的最终制作,会体现了他们的音乐风格。

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