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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Science


Electrical Engineering

Second Department


First Advisor

Luke Dosiek

Second Advisor

Christopher Chandler


Over the course of 30 weeks, research, design, and effective implementation of a working audio to instrument and MIDI production tool was created, tested, and successfully built. Being primarily software based using programs such as Cycling ‘74’s MAX and Apple’s Logic Pro X, we created am interconnected system that was able to take live human vocals and output the sound of any desired instrument. To make this work successfully and for the user interface to be as simple and error-free as possible, we set some goals. Goals included: the input and output to match each other in pitch and velocity, being how high and low the note is, as well has loud it is, respectively. This means that the resulting MIDI note produced, and the sound you would hear, would match what you sung into the system. We also defined that the length of the note should be exactly what you sung, singing for one second would result in a one second note produced by the system. In terms of financial cost, we wanted to dramatically reduce the cost of this system making it competitive to what other companies are offering for similar programs like ours. We were able to accurately estimate both the frequency and length of a human vocal note. With knowledge of filters and frequency domain characteristics and fundamentals, we were able to perfect our system so that it could accurately follow our design specifications mentioned above. Taking frequency and time domain relation- ship into consideration, as well as musical fundamentals, we were able to accomplish this project. In the end, we created a product that anyone of any ability can use to help them with music production, innovation, and creation.



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