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Shane Cotter

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Amy Loya

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Jennifer Currey


pediatric, emergency, hypoxia, EMT, FSR, measurement, ambulance, transport, dosing, weight


Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) administer supplemental oxygen to patients experiencing respiratory distress en route to the hospital. Proper oxygen dosage is calculated using a patient’s weight, and is often roughly estimated by an EMT. If available, Broselow tape is used to make a weight estimation based on a patient's height, but only 63.6% of estimates fall within an acceptable range [7]. The variability of these estimations leads to inaccurate oxygen administration. Patients ages 0-2 years have rapidly developing respiratory systems and are therefore particularly susceptible to lung damage as a direct result of improper oxygen dosage. Currently, there is a need for a device which can accurately measure the weight of patients 0-2 years old, in order for EMTs to administer the correct dosage of supplemental oxygen. The device would also have to be reasonably comfortable for the patient and compact due to limited storage space available on ambulances.



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