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Bachelor of Science


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

James Hedrick


Xbee, greenhouse, wireless, sleep, sensors, moisture, temperature, network, controller, MicroPython


The Schenectady ARC is an organization that provides help and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. This project aims to automate the ARC’s greenhouse for better accessibility by building upon six previous generations of students’ work. As the ARC is a nonprofit for people with disabilities, power consumption must be minimized while accessibility is maximized. Thus, careful research has been completed in order to successfully design the most optimal communication system using Radio Frequency modules. Temperature and moisture data collected by sensors will be transmitted via these modules to determine when to heat and water the plants. Accomplishing this includes, but is not limited to, network protocol analysis, implementing cyclical sleep cycles for the modules, and thorough testing of all components. Additionally, work has been done to design a universally accessible Graphical User Interface (GUI) to represent the sensor data being read. A concentrated emphasis on ethics has been placed on this project for the aforementioned reasons. Upon completion of this project, there is a successful implementation of the communication system and sleep cycles for reduction in power consumption for the Radio Frequency modules. Further work needed for this project is outlined in detail in a separate document for the next generation.

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