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Bachelor of Science



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Cay Anderson-Hanley


exergaming, neuro-exergame, executive function, Parkinson’s Disease, mild cognitive impairment, PD-MCI


The interactive Physical and Cognitive Exercise (iPACES) is a neuro-exergame that combines interactive cognitive gaming with physical exercise to target executive function for patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). This thesis includes the novel use of iPACES with Parkinson's Disease (PD) patients. PD with mild cognitive impairment (PD-MCI) presents with heterogeneity of motor and neuropsychological outcomes (Cammisuli et al., 2019). The goal of this study was to understand if iPACES is feasible to use in the PD population.

This study was organized into a feasibility and a single-bout pilot study. Patients with Parkinson’s from clinics in the USA were invited to briefly pedal-n-play the iPACES neuro- exergame, paired with a portable under-desk elliptical pedaler. Feedback on portability and usability was collected. The study (n=15, age = 74.3, SD = 9.8, range = 51-90 yrs old) revealed some insight into the usability of iPACES components. Then, patients with Parkinson’s were invited to volunteer for a remote 1-hour neuropsychological protocol with a single bout 20- minute pedal-n-play session, to assess a cognitive change post exercise session. Two participants (n=2, age=74) volunteered, and a single case of the data was obtained. An anecdotal review of the change over time revealed an increase in executive function after a single session of iPACES.

The novel iPACES neuro-exergame study for PD patients is a proof of concept for the future interventions for PD-MCI patients. Future research must address adaptations such as game customization, gather more data, work through equipment challenges, and evaluate more PD-MCI patients.

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