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Bachelor of Arts



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Jillmarie Murphy

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Patricia Culbert

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April Selley




fan fiction, comics, superhero


What do superheroes do when they retire? Are they expected to go out and reinvent themselves, maybe write a heartwarming memoir--or worse, sit in silence for the rest of their days as if it never happened? Two out of three of those wouldn't make for very interesting theatre, so I went with Option 1. Frank and Eddie (formerly known as masked avengers The Gargoyle and The Sparrow) haven't seen much of each other since leaving the trade, so when Eddie visits his old comrade out of the blue after fifteen years, it's odd enough. When he pulls out a scheme to get back into the spotlight that involves them emulating superfan Katharine's G/S fan fiction and posing as a married couple, the duo can only be bound for stranger tides. My play is a farce exploring camraderie, the reasons we mask ourselves, the motivations behind fan fiction, and a what-if scenario different enough from Birdman that I felt comfortable writing it to completion.

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