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Bachelor of Arts


Studio Fine Arts

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Fernando Orellana


Art, painting, digital, greek, roman, mythology


My senior thesis, entitled Somewhere in the Universe, is an exploration of what makes a place believable, and how I as an artist can make something that doesn’t exist feel like it could. However, one of my favorite parts about art is its ability to be interpreted in unique ways. I may have had a set of intentions and ideas when creating this project, but I also am open to the ways different people interpret this art.

The conceptual basis of my thesis is an attempt at worldbuilding. These worlds are based on various Greek and Roman Goddesses from the Hellenistic period and before. In each of these pieces, the primary goal is to explore facets of the natural world through abstracted landscapes. In this collection, I have incorporated imagery and elements taken directly from Hellenistic mythology and other religious and cultural systems of belief to explore the human understanding of the natural world around us. This thesis was inspired by my interest in mythology, and how people used goddesses to represent and explore the world around them. I have always been interested in the ways we understand and represent the world around us, and how those conceptual understandings change over time. Through this work, I hope to inspire the viewer to think about their interpretations of the world around them.



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