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Bachelor of Science



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Dr. Linda Stanhope

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Dr. Ilene Kaplan


Studies have found that young parents can experience domestic violence, lack of stable housing, and lower financial resources and that social support to improve these issues has been lacking. My double thesis in Sociology and Psychology is an in-depth case study of Young Parents United in Schenectady, NY, with the purpose of examining the social and psychological stresses that young parents face and the societal response to these problems from this organization. In doing so, this thesis identified the needs of young parents in society, gained more information about what contributes to parenting stress, and investigated how Young Parents United tries to address these problems. The case study used public records, guided conversations with the director of Young Parents United, and a questionnaire with responses from the clients at Young Parents United to gather information. The results from this thesis can help Young Parents United meet the specific needs of their clients more effectively and gather more insight into the stresses and needs of young parents.



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