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Bachelor of Arts


Political Science

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Robert Hislope


Europe, Democracy, Fascism, Populism, Politics, Political Parties, France, Italy, Hungary


Fascism and the radical right are on the rise in Europe in ways that haven’t been seen since the Second World War. Understanding the reason for this phenomenon is imperative to democracy’s defense. Europe is the birthplace of democracy and political liberalism, and the continent is a model of these ideas for the rest of the world to strive to follow. European democracy’s future is in peril with the resurgence of fascism and the radical right, fueled by growing Islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, economic issues, and the overall disillusionment of democratic institutions. The new wave of conservatism and the far-right share many similarities with historical fascism, yet it is something different. Understanding this new mold of the radical right is vital to democracy’s survival, as it is fundamentally changing the European political landscape.