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Jennifer Mitchell


creative, novel, young adult, fantasy


The Witch of Thessaly is a young adult fantasy novel. Erin Mercer and her best friend, Perry Robbins, take a road trip to New Orleans the summer before their senior year of high school in order to help Perry’s Aunt Sharon declutter and fix up her home. It’s smooth sailing except for their apparent stalker, the mystery of Erin’s missing SAT tutor haunting the back of her mind, and her weirdly specific and intense flashes of déjà vu. When Erin stumbles across one of New Orleans’s many voodoo shops and befriends the owner’s daughter, Alana, she discovers that what she always thought was déjà vu was actually a type of psychic power called psychometry that lets her catch glimpses into people’s minds and pasts. Luckily, Alana’s empathic mother takes her on as one of her students alongside a boy who can move objects with his mind. While Erin thinks her summer is as crazy as it could be, a mysterious cousin from Greece crashes her vacation with the news that her biological mother belonged to one of the oldest covens of psychics in the world, and that they’ve been looking for Erin for a long, long time. The novel is an exploration of friendship and trust and how the family we choose is just as important as the family we’re born with.

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