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Bachelor of Arts



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David Cotter

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Linda Stanhope


This study investigated symptoms of anxiety and depression among school-based mental health providers before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fifty-six school psychologists, counselors, and social workers completed an online questionnaire to assess anxiety, depression, occupational duties, and involvement in planning services. Eight participants were interviewed to explore methods and challenges of providing care. Results suggested that the pandemic led to increased symptoms of anxiety and depression. Participants’ scores, in the survey, indicated that anxiety and depression were related to age and lack of involvement in planning services. Interviews revealed difficulties faced with uncertainty in day-to-day tasks, new responsibilities, Covid-19 protocols, concerns for students’ exposure to interpersonal experiences, and types of coping strategies providers embraced. Future research should survey providers after the pandemic to explore areas of trauma. Research should investigate emotional preparation in mental health training and mental health supports offered by schools for providers. To ameliorate levels of stress today, it is hoped results would encourage professionals to implement or develop inspiration from interventions and strategies indicated by respondents. Implementation of support groups for providers would enhance mental health support and communication among school systems or districts.