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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


Visual Arts

First Advisor

Laini Nemett

Second Advisor

Lorraine Morales Cox


Bay Area, David Park, Gesture, Figures, Pattern, Female, George Condo, Color, Reference, Nude


My honors thesis, “My Exploration of Treasures from the Mind of David Park” draws attention to communicate my sense of the female figure to the viewer, while taking particular gestures from the figures of the Bay Area painter David Park’s work. I seek to convey how the self or essence of being can appear on canvas. David Park resonated with me because of his eye for exceptional color combinations, physicality he builds with substance on canvas, use of bold mark-making and simplicity of forms. I am manipulating David Park’s representations of figures and making my own compositions, applying drybrush, oil sticks, silicon scraper, and large washes. The purpose of this concept is to stimulate my creative process and focus on color relationships. David Park taught me to be confident with my brushstrokes and influenced me to generate more compelling compositions through gesture and placement of my figures. My thesis work includes two large oil paintings on canvas along with two smaller oil paintings which helped me develop my imagery, colors, and ideas.



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