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Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Rebecca Cortez


Stability, Aeronautics, Stability Analysis, Analytical Analysis, Airplane Stability, SAE Aero, Stability Script


A comprehensive measure of the in-flight stability of an aircraft is essential, though it can take a large amount of resources to do accurately and usefully. Small companies and colleges often don't have the resources to attain accurate experimental or analytical data to describe stable flight before potential failure. This composition investigates methods of completing a static and dynamic stability analysis for an aircraft feasible for a college, small business or hobbyist to complete, with the goal to eliminate the 'barrier of entry' concerning a lack of information and resources. A sample analytical calculation for static stability of Union College's 2020 SAE Aero Advanced plane shows positive static stability, and a sensitivity analysis displays the effect of changing the craft dimensions. This plane was used because it has been flown and the analytical calculation confirms flight test observations. Dynamic stability methods are presented and evaluated for their benefits, and software that completes the same are recommended. The static analysis and sensitivity analysis is used to describe problem geometries often seen in planes and some solutions. This is then used to make educated dimensional alterations. This thesis should aid in the design process by listing an evaluating initial 'rule of thumb' relations, creating a Matlab stability algorithm, and providing the sources to research and complete analysis for dynamic stability and control.