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Bachelor of Science


Electrical Engineering

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Chandra Pappu

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Jim Silva




A Radio Detection and Ranging (“radar”) system detects a target and accurately determines its range and velocity using radio frequency (RF) waves. In the presence of a target, these RF waves are reflected, received, and processed. Until recently, radar systems have been too expensive to implement as undergraduate research projects, primarily because of the cost of the associated RF components. Recently, MIT has developed a low-cost radar system as part of an open-source course. Therefore, one objective of this project is to design and construct a radar system based on the MIT design. A further objective is to develop a system that can calculate target range and velocity in real time from the transmitted and received RF wave forms. For example, the radar system must be able to measure and display the distance (range) of a person moving towards or away from the radar system and estimate and display the person’s velocity.



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