Folklore, Art, or Heritage? Exploring the Truth and Mythology behind French Cuisine

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French and Francophone Studies

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Cuisine, Gastronomie, l'Unesco, France, Histoire, Agriculture, Culture, Art, Patrimoine


The recent designation of French cuisine as a UNESCO world heritage inspires many questions about how France received this title. Beginning with early Galois agriculture, the history of French cuisine can be traced to help explain current trends in French cuisine. In this presentation, the history of French cuisine and agriculture will be examined in regards to the recipes, the art, and the quality through various disciplines of study. Many aspects of modern French cuisine can be traced to major historical events such as the Roman conquest and World War I. However, there are many aspects of French cuisine that are more idealized perceptions than reality. It is essential to determine what extent of the art and superiority of French cuisine is real. While there have been many attempts to asses French cuisine, such as the Michelin Guide, these must be analyzed to determine if they hold true to the ideals of French cuisine, or counteract its essence. Once the history and trends of French cuisine are understood, it is possible to understand the mechanisms by which it became a UNESCO World Heritage.


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