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Bachelor of Science



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Shane Cotter

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Jennifer Currey

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Sudhir Khetan


Biomedical Engineering, Pituitary tumor, Transsphenoidal Surgery, Endoscopic Surgery, minimally invasive


Approximately 1500 pituitary tumors diagnosed each year are tough textured microadenomas found mainly in patients aging from 55-80 [1]. Tough textured tumors in the pituitary gland can cause hormonal imbalances and vision changes. For our Capstone Project, we focused on designing an endonasal device, the Pituitary Endonasal Deep Grasper (PEDG), that improves the efficiency of tough textured pituitary tumor removal by improving upon various mechanisms in Transsphenoidal Surgery including rotation, tip grasping, suction, and handle control. Our device contains a comfortable handle that allows for better control and precision during the procedure. We designed a grasping mechanism that is strong enough to extract tough textured tumors from the pituitary gland. Additionally, we reduced the surgical time by eliminating continuous removal of the instrument from the nasal passage, and incorporating a suction component that transports tumor fragments by a vacuum to an extracorporeal storage compartment. We also incorporated a rotating mechanism that allows for a full range of motion at the tip of the instrument. In medical practice, Transsphenoidal Surgery is a common procedure used to remove pituitary microadenomas and macroadenomas which are classified into three groups: soft, medium, and tough textured tumors. Soft textured microadenomas are typically removed by aspiration with a suction cannula, whereas medium and tough textured tumors cannot be aspirated. Surgeons often face difficulty using surgical instruments to segment and extract each piece of a tough tumor and the location of pituitary tumors is a significant hindrance to surgical efficiency due to its close proximity to the optic nerve and carotid artery. Therefore, designing a device to remove tough textured tumors is significant to the patient’s recovery experience and surgical efficiency.



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