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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science



First Advisor

Shane Cotter

Second Advisor

Amy Loya


Thermal Osteonecrosis, Bone Plunging, Orthopedic Drilling


There are 22 million orthopedic surgeries performed globally each year and this number is expected to increase by approximately 6 million by 2022. Within many of these operations, surgeons are required to utilize orthopedic drills to properly insert various implants to facilitate healing within the body. Unfortunately, many of these procedures have complications that result in thermal osteonecrosis or bone plunging. These complications cause the death of bone cells due to heat and the loosening of an implant from drilling through the entirety of the bone, respectively. To help prevent these detrimental issues, we seek to redesign the orthopedic drilling system by effectively incorporating a cooling channel within the drill bit, as well as sensors to monitor drilling depth. Ultimately, this redesigned system will aid orthopedic surgeons in their procedures while simultaneously reducing the number of complications and potential follow-up operations for patients.