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Bachelor of Arts


Modern Languages and Literatures

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Christine Henseler


agroturismo, turismo rural, turismo sostenible, agricultura, sostenibilidad, masificación, España, enoturismo, oleoturismo, quesoturismo


This thesis explores the possibilities of agritourism in the pursuit of sustainable tourism in Spain. It criticizes the dominant model of sun-and-beach tourism and endorses agritourism as a sustainable alternative. Agritourism is a field of rural tourism that encourages tourist engagement in agricultural activities as a means of diversifying the economy and fostering cultural competency. Through an analysis of case studies of farm stays, enotourism, olive oil tourism, and cheese tourism throughout Spain, this paper examines the social and economic benefits that agritourism extends to the provider, the tourist, the host community, and the environment. It concludes by emphasizing that, in order to achieve sustainable development, people who participate in agritourism must respect the culture and nature of rural areas, as well as focus on long-term solutions.



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