直到有正义(Until There is Justice)

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feminism, #metoo, China, history, politics, gender, sexual assault


For her episode of the podcast, "#MeToo: China's Feminist, Social Media Movement," Nathalie conducted background research with the help of books and articles. She also interviewed two friends about feminism in China. After doing this and taking notes, she recorded and edited using Hindenberg. She then posted the podcast on Anchor and Soundcloud. Nathalie's podcast tended to be more about how Chinese history, social media, and censorship play a role in the Chinese #metoo movement.

In the second episode, 视角 (Perspectives), Liz interviewed six Chinese individuals, four females and two males, ranging from age 16 to 49. In semi-structured interviews, lasting from 16 minutes to 50 minutes. She asked each interviewee about their perspective on the movement in general, about women speaking out, about the two news media examples she provided, and about the possible tension that is arising by Chinese society trying to reconcile the traditional values and the feminist ideas that the movement brings about. To represent the traditional values she used five idioms: 相夫教子, 贤妻良母, 人老珠黄, 残花败柳 and 水性杨花, which all describe the traditional roles and expectations for Chinese women. The interviews emphasized the impact these traditional values still have on Chinese culture, however they also show the ongoing transformation of their social customs from conservative to liberal and old-fashion to contemporary.

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