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Mechanical Engineering

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Rebecca Cortez




Due to the sudden COVID-19 pandemic, many countries around the world were not prepared to provide such large amounts of artificial mechanical ventilators to its citizens, causing a shortage around the globe. Artificial ventilators have been continuously developed and improved since the 1900s, and because of their importance in the healthcare industry, technological advancements continue to be made today. This thesis aims to guide its readers through the history of the artificial ventilator, which leads to some of the designs seen in hospitals and intensive care today. It will also show some of the designs that have been developed in the initial two months of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States.

Such devices require intensive testing in order to guarantee the safety of the patient, therefore, standards’ organizations such as the ISO have established laws and regulations to guarantee the highest level of performance and safety of these machines. Also, due to the enormous importance of the safety and performance of these machines, their design innovation is directly related to the improvements made to the device’s user and patient interface.



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