Projected Impact of Professional Fulfillment and Physician Engagement and Mentoring on Improving Physician Burnout

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Physician Burnout


The issue of physician burnout has been identified, characterized and tested throughout the past several decades. Despite the increasing ongoing research efforts, physician burnout is annually increasing and the toll on healthcare providers is worsening. Recent physician burnout-related studies have begun to shift their approach in viewing the issue as a systematic problem that requires work at the institutional level. In particular, the Stanford Wellness Model has been successful in combating physician burnout in its approach that emphasizes professional fulfillment and engagement. The work presented here examines the preliminary effects of implementing a Professional Fulfillment Program, which incorporates the three domains of the Stanford Wellness Model and levels of physician engagement in self-betterment and mentoring, at Albany Medical Center’s Pediatric Department with the objectives of establishing any correlation between the five distinct domains. Implications of the findings for various interest groups are included.

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