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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Science and Policy

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Ilene Kaplan


oil spill, policy, Deepwater Horizon, Bouchard B120, regulations, US Federal, Oil Pollution Act, Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund, Clean Water Act, oil spill response



RELIHAN, QUINN An Evaluation of United States Federal Oil Spill Regulations:

Deepwater Horizon vs. Bouchard B120. Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Engineering, June 2020.


The purpose of this study is to compare and contrast the background, impacts and treatment of two major oil spills and investigate the appropriateness of existing environmental policies and any need for new and/or different policies. The study traces the growth of relevant policy development and looks at historic and contemporary policy changes and applies this to the in-depth examination of the Bouchard B120 and the Deepwater Horizon spills.

Policy recommendations are made based on conclusions drawn from the examination of the two case studies. It is recommended that a new classification system be implemented so that each company in the oil industry is appropriately and equally monitored. An important conclusion of this study is that successful oil spill policy is one that stresses preventative measures and is well-enforced by the appropriate agency



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