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Bachelor of Arts


Political Science

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Clifford Brown


Political Science, Campaign Finance Reform, Publicly Financed Elections, Publicly Funded Elections, Law, Constitution, America, States, Supreme Court, Legislation


In the US, there is a history of the courts striking down campaign finance reform measures as unconstitutional. As such, there are few avenues remaining for someone who is interested in 'clean government' reforms. One such avenue is publicly financed elections, where the state actually provides funding for campaigns. These systems can be quite varied in the restrictions and contingencies they attach to the money, and for examples one has to look no further than the states There are many states that have some form of public financing for elections, and by looking at the different states' systems we are able to glean what makes these systems successful or not. By using these states as models, I am advocating for the use of public funds to help address one of the most consequential issues of our time, the distorting effects of large amounts of money in politics.



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