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Bachelor of Science



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Jennifer Currey

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Takashi Buma

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Shane Cotter


Hemodialysis, Access Recirculation, Medical Device


Approximately 660,000 Americans are being treated for kidney failure or end stage renal disease annually. Access recirculation can happen to any patient, varying from treatment to treatment, as it is a problem with the current technology of two butterfly needles used during a dialysis procedure and not with the patient. Access Recirculation severely decreases the efficiency of dialysis while having the potential to lead to a variety of complications.There is a clear need for a device that can be implemented during hemodialysis treatments to reduce the percentage of recirculated blood, thusly reducing the occurrence of treatment for an individual and aiding the nurses in proper needle placement. Our proposed design is the Cannulation Pilot and it is responsible for reducing recirculation during dialysis by holding the two butterfly needles necessary for treatment at a fixed distance of 5 cm apart from one another and at an angle of insertion between 20 to 35 degrees; as this should drastically reduce or halt recirculation form occurring during treatment.



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