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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science


Electrical Engineering

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Takashi Buma


ultrasound pulser design, low-cost design, high voltage


Ultrasound imaging allows for those studying living beings to see inside a subject without causing it harm. This allows for real-time images to be taken, leading to ease of observational research. However, while this technology is beneficial to those who utilize it, the devices used to create and receive ultrasound pulses can be incredibly complex, allowing for precise adjustment of the output signal and various other functions, and therefore expensive. The focus of this senior project is the design of a low-cost pulser for use with an ultrasound transducer. While it does not have all the high-level functions of the original device, it has the same base functionality, most obviously the ability to output a high voltage pulse. The final output signal of the device is of sufficient pulse depth and width to drive an ultrasound transducer. Because this project set out to create a practical, low-cost alternative to the industry device, one large secondary requirement was cost—the device was constructed using a limited budget. This report will discuss the background necessary to understand both ultrasound imaging and the components used, before moving into a justification of component choices and the preliminary proposed design. From there, modifications to the preliminary design made before the final device will be discussed, as well as some performance estimates and results. Lastly, the design implementation schedule will be examined, an analysis of the costs of the device will be performed, directions on using and troubleshooting the device will be provided, and conclusions and further recommendations will be made.



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