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Union College Only

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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Science and Policy

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Professor Ilene Kaplan


Environmental Justice, Policy, Socioeconomic Status, Minority, Warren County, Love Canal


The purpose of my research is to examine the disproportionate burden of risk that minority groups and/or low-income groups face with regard to environmental pollution and environmental justice. Environmental justice is a burgeoning issue across the United States, and although local, state and the federal government have addressed the issue on numerous occasions, it has not been resolved and continues to leave particular groups of people at a disadvantage. Environmental activists and grassroots organizations have tried to bring the issue of environmental justice to the forefront, and have mobilized efforts to reduce inequities. The work presented here examines two case studies in which problems associated with environmental justice are key. The relevant laws and policies are discussed as well as the role that governments at different levels played in tackling the problems that racial and ethnic minorities face. Policy recommendations are discussed.



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