Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Organizing Theme

Second Department

Visual Arts

First Advisor

Fernando Orellana


Sexual Objectification, Feminism, Gender and Women's Studies, Porn Culture, Female Sexuality, Me Too Movement, Immersive Art, Installation Art, Artist's Statement, New Media Art


This thesis provides the explanation, inspiration, research and progression of an immersive, multimedia art installation that emulates the idea of a “sexual dystopia.” It explores how our dichotomy of inadequate sex education and hypersexual, gender-based media is resulting in a dystopian sexual reality for women in particular. The work portrays a future world in which sexual and fertility technology is so advanced and accessible that real men and women no longer interact. As a result, women and objects become one in the same.

Female literary icons are over-sexualized to suggest that porn-culture is a by-product of a historical framework that views women as commodities to be obtained. The dull, clinical approaches to sex education are juxtaposed against the exploitative content kids are exposed to at an increasingly young age. The steps, decisions and challenges to approaching a large-scale art installation are discussed.

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