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Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


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Fernando Orellana


architecture, design, motion graphics, data visualization, 3d, 3d design, digital art


I decided to explore the barriers and limitations of wealth through an investigation of architectural structures, focusing on popular industries and institutions on which our society commonly depends. I have noticed that places such as hospitals, schools, grocery stores, and restaurants differ dramatically depending on the neighborhoods in which they were located. This topic sparked my interest after living in Lima, Peru for a month, as I was able to observe the developing economy and dramatic division of wealth among the population. Certain questions about the divides and differences within a society and its culture started crossing my mind; not just about the physical preservation or business of certain industries, but also their success and performance. I started thinking about whether recovery rates among patients were different between private hospitals and free local clinics. I wondered whether education was different between private and public schools. But with all of these questions coming to mind, I also wondered why? Is money the only barrier between these institutions? It was my goal to portray the drastic differences between economic class and status, and how daily lives of people throughout society can look so different as a result. Architecture is an important representation of life and wealth in every society. I decided to use architecture as a means to represent this topic, because such structures reflect the barriers between the socioeconomic status of our nation and of other nations as well.

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