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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Takashi Buma




time, figure, force, prototype, design


The main goal of this project is to create a line monitoring system for volleyball to aid the line judges in their decision making as well as reduce the frequently misjudged calls. Line calling systems have already been implicated into other sports but there is not one yet for volleyball. This is because volleyball must move on to the next point in a matter of seconds or a delay of game is called against a team. Therefore, there needs to be a system that calls a ball without the need of a replay. The in and out line monitoring system will be able to tell if a ball has contacted the line and is therefore in. To do this, force sensitive resistors will be strategically aligned along the boundary line of the court. If a ball contacts the line, the referee will see an LED light go on a small device at the head referee stand. If a person contacts the line or there is no contact at all then no light will shine. The main difficulty in this project is differentiating if a person or volleyball has hit the line. Through many tests, the main difference between the two contacts is the amount of time the impact takes on the line. From testing, a person’s duration on the line is 10 times as long as a ball. Therefore, the decision on whether a ball hit the line or a person will be made with time. Overall, the in and out line monitoring system must be flat so it is negligible to a player, accurate, easy to install, easy to use, affordable and be able to run on battery during a full day tournament. This will ensure a good product to the consumer and also be easily implicated into the game of volleyball.