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In the course of work on the application of silicones to textiles and paper, chiefly to impart water repellency thereby, it has been found that the most desirable method for industrial operations is from water solution. Methods for preparing emulsions of silicones have been developed and such materials are available commercially. However, it would still be of interest to obtain a material which is directly water soluble and which is either a silicone itself, or can be simply and easily converted to a silicone in situ.

These facts were brought out by Dr. D. P. Spalding (1) in a discussion of his work on attempting to prepare quaternary amine compounds involving methyl chlorosilanes. It occurred to the author that another approach might be through the reaction of organo-halogenosilanes with the class of compounds known as alkanolamines. The Si-X groups might react preferentially with the carbinol groups and leave the amine end free to undergo salt formation reactions and thus be made water soluble.

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