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The main purpose of this research was to determine the time of set of silicic acid gels as a function of temperature and hyrdogen ion concentration expressed in pH units. The silicic acid gels were formed by the reaction between sodium silicate and acetic acid. The gels studies were mainly basic in nature, their pH's ranging from 6.8 to 10.75. Gels above this latter pH were found to take a very long time to set - a matter of days and even weeks. The gels were run at three different temperatures - O, 25.1 and 38.5 degrees Celsius. The pH's of the gels were obtained by means of the colorimetric method using standard buffer solutions. The values of these standard solutions were obtained by means of the Beckman pH meter which uses a glass electrode. By means of the data obtained above, the energy of activation could be obtained. The pH drift was also investigated qualitatively.



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