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Caspases are the proteins responsible for apoptosis in cells. Others have recently identified a caspase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a unicellular fungus.2, 3, 4 Isolation of a caspase protein from Schizophyllum commune will allow for the examination of a caspase in a simple multicellular organism.4 The S.cerevisiae caspase sequence was used to search the genomes of several fungi and identify similar sequences. Regions with high sequence identity in the aligned sequences were used to design degenerate PCR primers. The sequence of the resultant PCR product was then used to prepare primers for 3'RACE and determine the 3'end of the sequence. Through modified 5'-RACE PCR, 81 amino acids at the 5' end of the protein were identified. Approximately, 300 to 500 bp (approx. 20%) close to the 5' end remains to be identified by utilizing BD SMART ™RACE synthesized cDNA and Failsafe PCR kit reagents. Once the entire gene has been cloned, the protein it encodes will be expressed and purified.

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