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Bachelor of Arts



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Ilene Kaplan




epa, environment, health, justice, cancer, disposal, exposure


The purpose of this paper is to examine pollution in the Hudson River and the role General Electric has had in creating this problem. The focus will be on social issues and problems that have emerged as a result of the environmental damage from pollution. Until recently, there was little research done on the health and environmental justice issues that impact the New York communities where GE’s factories were located. This paper examines the material collected and studies that were done which document Hudson River pollution and the contributions as well as cleanup efforts of General Electric. The overall problems associated with PCBs and human and health conditions are discussed first, followed by a presentation of the relevant environmental policies and input of grass roots organizations. A discussion of the role of General Electric and the pollution and cleanup of the Hudson River is presented next. Concluding remarks suggest future research and policy to help prevent pollution and protect human and environmental health.