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The separation of the chiral narcotic propoxyphene by capillary electrophoresis (CE) is the goal of this work. A three-way collaboration between our research group, Professor lsiah Warner (LSU) and the New York State Forensic Investigation Center is underway to separate propoxyphene enantiomers and to develop a protocol for the Forensic Center. We are investigating the application of both polymer surfactants and cyclodextrins as CE additives for the separation of enantiomeric propoxyphene. We have synthesized or obtained several polymerized N-undecylenyl-L-amino acid and N-undecylenyl-L-dipeptide derivatives as a pseudo-stationary phase in capillary zone electrophoresis for the separation of chiral compounds. Though no separation occurred with the polymers, we do note a definite interaction between the polymers and propoxyphene as evidenced in an increased migration time. We also studied a variety of methylated 13-cyclodextrin (1\-CD) species, and we have achieved successful separation of propoxyphene with heptakis tri(2, 3, 6-0-methyl) 13-CD. We will report the results using these polymers and cyclodextrins.

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