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Open Access

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Bachelor of Science


Environmental Science and Policy

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Ilene Kaplan




hudson, clearwater, river


Environmental education is vital to the sustainability of our society. It is often through programs and classes that citizens learn about processes that are harming the environment and how they can be remediated. This thesis explores two different, 501(c)3 organizations in New York State that aim at increasing public awareness regarding environmental pollution and degradation. The first study presented in on Five Rivers Environmental Education Center. This nonprofit offers class to the general public as well as to local schools aimed at increasing awareness of environmental problems. It has miles of trails dedicated to helping people develop a love and respect for their local environments in the hope that they will do more to protect them. The second case study is on Clearwater Sloop, Inc., which is a physical ship that sails down the Hudson River. It too offers classes as well as summer camps. The main goal of this organization is to raise public awareness of issues regarding the industrial pollution of the Hudson River, and well as educate on remedial methods and projects that can use more support. This thesis ends with a compare and contrast between the two organizations presented in this paper.