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Political Science

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Clifford Brown, Jr.




state, photo, election, requirements, groups, electoral


Voter identification laws have been at the center of controversy in political discourse for some time now. Proponents of voter identification laws claim that they are necessary in order to curb public opinion regarding voter identity fraud. Even if there were no evidence of fraud in the system, they would still be necessary to protect the integrity of the system. Opponents counter back that due to the lack of evidence of voter identity fraud, these requirements are a part of partisan politics in which the right wing is attempting to disenfranchise groups that tend to vote democratic. These attempts are part of a larger right wing agenda to roll back voting rights in order to go back to the voting landscape of the 1950’s. Studies that have sought to measure whether these laws have a disproportionate effect on turnout are split, although there is an increase in consensus concerning the disproportionate effects of these laws as more stringent requirements are being implemented and as there are more election cycles. However, this still indicates a need for solutions, and calls for a review by the state and federal governments, and the courts.