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We are interested in understanding the mechanistic details of photo-initiated chemiluminescent reactions. Currently, we are examining reactions which lead to luminescent from electronically excited nitric oxide. Stedman has reported observing NO gamma-band emission in the thermal reaction of hydrazoic acid, HN3 with O(3P). The rate constant for the production of NO* is low and, consequently, the emission intensity is weak. We are endeavoring to generate excited NO from HN3 and O(1D), the later produced in the flash photolysis of ozone. It is hoped that a greater population of NO* will be produced yielding a greater chemiluminescent intensity. By observing the temporal behavior of the NO emission, it is hoped that the mechanistic details of the reaction can de elucidated. This paper contains a comprehensive summary of the pertinent literature as well as an experimental foundation for what will be an extended investigation into the chemistry of 1D oxygen.

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