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Portland cement was treated with various concentrations of hydrochloric, acetic, and sulfuric acids. The reaction products, mixed gels of SiO2, Al203, and Fe2O3, were examined for commercial possibilities. Liquid absorption of organic dyes was used as a criterion of surface activity. When 10gm cement was reacted with 100m.l. of acid solution, it was found that the reaction went to completion at 3 molar HCl, 3 normal H2SO4, and about 7-9 molar HAc. The best absorbers for methylene blue were formed by the reaction of 2.5-3 molar HCl and 6-9 molar HAc. The absorption of some of these gels were carefully dried and washed compared favorably with commercial products. Other characteristics such as color, apparent density, microscopic appearance, chemical composition, pH of filtrate solutions, and appearance during reaction were also studied. The absorbents were found to follow the Freundlich Isotherm but not the Langmuir Equation, showing that absorption at their surfaces is probably multi-moleculalr. Over one hundred and fifty separate samples at twenty-five different concentrations of acid were prepared, and many scored of absorption tests were performed.

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