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This paper will deal with the relative effect of the potassium and sodium ions on the time of set. To determine this effect, gels were prepared using potassium silicate in place of the sodium silicate used in the previous experiments on the effects of electrolytes in this laboratory. The heat of activation for the setting of the potassium silicate gels was determined by the method used by Hurd and Letterton (7) in which the logarithm of the time of set was plotted against the reciprocal absolute temperature, the heat of activation being computed from the slope of the resulting line by means of Arrhenius equation. Runs were then made in which the potassium silicate was replaced in steps by a sodium silicate solution of equivalent alkali and silica concentrations. The effect of sodium and potassium chlorides on the potassium silicate gels was compared with the effect on sodium silicate gels.

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