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Bachelor of Arts



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Robert Baker




rational, soul, emotions, reason, desire, individual


Domestic Violence (DV) is a prominent issue that affects people of all demographics, and can be defined as the perpetration of psychological, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse against (typically) an inferior other. A dear friend, Alex, lost her life at the hands of her boyfriend of almost two years, and I still struggle to understand how one could do such an atrocious thing to a loved one? The Perpetrator, Clayton, claimed that he “just snapped” when he “killed [his] girlfriend.” It is from this case, and more specifically the statement: “I just snapped,” that I have based my research; I explore the relationship between Aristotle’s theory of the angered impetuous akratic, and its relation to the perpetration of Domestic Violence. The impetuous akratic is one who acts against one’s best interest due to a cognitive error in which the emotions cloud one’s ability to reason and deliberate. Emotions and reason arise independently, and thus, can be thought of as competing for rule over the self. The perpetrator, Clayton, clouded by his anger, was unable to act according to anything other than his overwhelming anger. With reflective thought, akratic actions such as Domestic Violence may be avoided.