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The term glucoside has been applied to those compounds which have the property of supplying, upon hydrolysis, a sugar and one or more other products. Nearly all organic compounds which occur in plants (fruit, bark, roots) are in combination with a sugar. They all resemble the simple methyl glucosides. In many cases, the glucoside form is more soluble than the substance itself. Naturally occurring glucosides are prepared by extracting from the plant, by means of a solvent such as water or alcohol. Glucosides are synthesized (generally) from the non-saccharide constituent and acetobromoglucose in the presence of AgO or Ag2CO3. The rates of hydrolysis of glucosides vary widley. They are hydrolyzed in the presence of mineral acids or enzymes, the rate increasing with increasing temperature. The ordinary physiochemical laws governing reversible reactions apply here.

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