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The main objective of the work was an attempt to prepare certain compounds of the purine group for possible use in cardio-therapy, since the purine group is known to exert a stimulating action on the heart. However, under certain conditions these compounds cause a serious rise in blood pressure. It was thought that perhaps some compound which would produce dilation of the blood vessels could be combined with the purine group, to give a compound which would have the stimulative property, and in which the rise in blood pressure would be absent or at least minimized. Since such a type of compound, namely urea potassium thiocyanate (NH2 ⋅ CO ⋅ NH2 ⋅ KSCN), had been prepared by Leubner and Cotzin, it seemed desirable to prepare if possible other compounds of the urea structure with the same dilator KSCN, and have these tested on animals to determine their cardio-therapeutic values

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