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The oxidation of silane, SiH, with ozone to give a hydrosol of silica of a very high degree of purity has been accomplished by Baibajew and Kargin. Such a sol is practically free from any electrolytes or other impurities. The purpose of this research work was to prepare by this method pure silica sols of a concentration great enough to eventually form a gel free from any electrolytes. It was desired to study some of the properties of such gels, especially the time of set and the changes if any in the pH of the gel during the time it is setting, with the underlying idea that any differences in these properties between those of pure sold and those of the ordinary gel made from sodium silicate and any of various acids might yield new information about the actual formation of silicic acid gels. Due to various difficulties, however, only very dilute hydrosols of silica could be prepared by this method, and all experimental work was done in an attempt to obtain sols of a concentration sufficient to form gels.

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