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The gelatinous character of precipitated aluminum silicates suggested their possible use as adsorbents. A survey of the literature reveals many studies of the absorption of organic material by the natural clays such as Japanese acid clay, Fuller’s earth, Florida earth and kaolin. These concern special studies of these clays taken from various deposits. Many of them deal with applications of the clays to decolorizing the products of the petroleum industry. N.A. Held1 studied the absorption of the chlorides of aluminum and thorium by five different Russian clays. He found that the chloridesion is absorbed in negligible quantities, while the aluminum and thorium are absorbed in different proportions (1 to 10 times). The cations Ca++ and Mg++ substitute Al+++ and Th++++ in the solution; i.e. reciprocal or substitution absorption took place. No study of absorption by precipitated aluminum silicate could be found in the literature.

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