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Recently Michelsen reported the synthesis of a new series of bis-chelated cobalt (III) compounds using 2-pyridylmethylamine (pm) as a bidentate ligand.4 Replacement of a methylene hydrogen of pm with a methyl group gives the optically active compound 1-(2-pyridyl) ethylamine (pa). Model studies show that when bound to a cobalt molecule, the ligand methyl group can assume either and axial or an equatorial position. On the basis of predictions by Corey and Bailar1 using the ligand 1, 2-diaminopropane, it was thought stereoselectively might be observed in the reaction of pa with cobalt. To determine if this was so Michelsen’s reactions were carried out using the pa ligand in both the racemic form and in the resolved form. The products were chromatographed to determine relative amounts of products. On the basis of relative intensities of the spots, it was concluded stereoselectivity did occur, but it was impossible to determine which isomer was favored.