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In the attempted preparation of 2, 4, 6-trimethylborazine, two unknown products were isolated. It was suspected that these could be 2-chloro-4, 6-dimethylborazine and 2, 4-dichloro-6-methylborazine. Due to the difficulty of separation of the two products, they were not positively identified. These two compounds were then chosen for synthesis and characterization since they would be useful starting materials for the preparation of unsymmetrically substituted borazines and since there is little data on unsymmetrical borazine derivatives. It was later decided that the 2, 4-dichloro-6-methyl-borazine would be synthesized first since it would be earlier to control the mole ratio of reactants to favor the formation of this product. Characterization of this product would be done. When the 2-chloro-4, 6-dimethylborazine would be synthesized, it could be a mixture of both products. If separation of these products was difficult, the data from the spectra of the 2, 4-dichloro-6-methylborazine could be used to identify that component of the mixture. The 2, 4-dichloro-6-methylborazine and possibility the 2-chloro-4, 6-dimethylborazine were synthesized.

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