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In the past few years the symmetrical triazines have developed extreme importance in biochemical research as well as importance in industrial applications. In our research we have developed a facile, one-step synthesis of a number of 2-hydroxy-4, 6-bis aryl symmetrical triazines based upon the addition of the anion of urea and an aromatic nitrile, with the aryl group including a number of halogenated benzenes, pyridine, or benzene itself. The structure of these compounds has been proved by microanalysis and by both infra-red and mass spectroscopy. The further versatility of the synthesis has also been explored, and by replacing the urea with guanidine, biguanide and thiourea, respectively, we have been able to produce a number of 2-amino-4, 6-bis aryl s-triazines in up to 89% yields. The synthesis has a number of limitations, and these are discussed in the paper, with an interesting side reaction leading to the production of benzamides from the benzonitriles, as well as the production of kyaphenine, 2, 4, 5-tri-aryl s-triazines.

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