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The purpose of this investigation is the synthesis of bis- acenaphth- (1, 2a)- acenaphthene. The experimental procedures used generally follow those of previous workers. The use of 1, 8- dibromonaphthalene is necessary throughout the synthesis. The preparation used follows that of letsinger, after a preferred synthesis of 8- bromo- 1- naphthotic acid. The latter compound reacted via a modified Hunsdiecker reaction to yield 1, 8- dibromo- naphthalene. Other approaches tried never seemed to result in improved yields, or were successful. Besides this approach to 1, 8- dibromonaphthalene, an attempt to circumvent its need has been made by running a dilute solution of 1- naphthoyl ch1oride and aluminum halide in a Friedel- Crafts reaction. A similar attempt using naphthalic anhydride: and naphthalene in aluminum chloride had failed for earlier workers, possibly due to problems of insolubility.

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