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One of the traditional areas of study in chemistry has been that of coordination chemistry. The concern of this study is with a particular coordination complex and hence, by way of introduction, something should be said about coordination chemistry. A considerable amount of work has been previously applied to the study of [Co(phen)2(Cl)2] Cl by Ablov and Palade (2) and by Pfeiffer and Werdelmann (3). Using different mehods each group prepared the cis form of the geometric isomers through the literature seems to indicate that neither group resolved the optical isomers of the cis form. Ruid (4) attempted to resolve the optical isomers of [Co(phen)2(Cl)2] Cl but abandoned the project when it became evident that a more sophisticated resolving instrument was necessary than was available to him. All attempts to synthesize the trans geometric isomer have been unsuccessful. This study of [Co(phen)2(Cl)2] Cl was begun with the aspiration of building upon the work already done on this problem.

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