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Bachelor of Arts



Second Department


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Stacie Raucci

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Robert Samet




empire, site, halmyris, excavation, soldiers


This thesis looks at the Roman military and how it was the driving force which spread Roman culture. The Roman military stabilized regions, providing protection and security for regions to develop culturally and economically. Roman soldiers brought with them their native cultures, languages, and religions, which spread through their interactions and connections with local peoples and the communities in which they were stationed. This thesis looks at that impact on the Halmyris Fortress and at the great province of Dacia. The effects this “Romanization” of the region influenced the culture, language, and heritage of the later Romanian state. Within this paper I look at the circumstances of the Roman occupation of Dacia, how it affected the portrayal of heritage, and its affects in politics throughout the history of Romania. I spent four weeks participating in the excavation of the Halmyris Fortress. It is through the lens of archaeology that I look at the broader view of heritage and how excavations such as that at Halmyris affected those views. I also look at the portrayal of Roman influence on the country and how it has affected the larger political view of Romania and on a more localized area in the town of Murighiol. The Roman military was the driving force behind the spread of Roman culture, and it has affected the larger political and social history of Romania through ideas of heritage and identity.